Monica in light blueMonica Johnson is a testament to the extraordinary journey of faith, leadership, ministry, and personal transformation. With over three decades of professional experience spanning diverse fields, she has excelled and inspired countless lives through her remarkable journey.

Professional Excellence: Monica's career spans over 30 years, during which she has demonstrated her prowess in accounting, tax, and operational management. Her journey began within the corridors of a Fortune 50 corporation, where she played an instrumental role in creating innovative solutions to complex challenges. Fueled by her passion for excellence, she ventured further and founded her own company, Monica Johnson Enterprises L.L.C., carving her unique path in the business world.

Life-Long Learning: Monica's pursuit of excellence extended to higher education as she holds a bachelor of science in accounting from the University of North Texas, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dallas, and a Master of theological studies from Dallas University dedicated to lifelong learning, exemplifies her commitment to personal and spiritual growth.

Transformation and Empowerment: Monica's journey toward holistic transformation and empowerment continues. In 2022, she earned two Master of Arts degrees in Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy from Amberton University. Her quest to obtain licenses as a professional counselor and a marriage and family therapist is a testament to her unwavering dedication to helping others overcome personal and professional challenges.

Mental and Behavioral Health Advocate: Monica's impact extends to the realms of behavioral health and business management. With over three decades of experience, she has coached and counseled individuals and organizations, fostering growth and resilience. As the C.E.O. of Ruby D. SMART, a leading mental and behavioral health services and training academy, her mission is to empower clients and organizations to navigate life's transitions and difficul es. Her specialties include addressing loss, abandonment, attachment disturbances, relationship conflicts, crisis coordination, recovery, and offering prevention services and career coaching.

Inspirational through Experience: Monica's passion for helping others is deeply rooted in her personal journey of overcoming a culture of abandonment. Her talks draw from her firsthand experiences and professional experiences to inspire and challenge audiences to think differently and act courageously. As a T.E.D. presenter, she has shared her profound insights on "Can we end a culture of abandonment?"

Champion for Foster Kids: Monica's journey as a CASA Advocate for foster children in placement homes since 2019 has been remarkable. Her advocacy extends beyond mental and behavioral health, showcasing a holistic commitment to the well-being and growth of vulnerable children. Monica's role as a CASA Advocate has allowed her to impact the lives of foster children profoundly. With her extensive background in behavioral health and business management spanning over three decades, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her advocacy work. Through her tireless efforts, she coaches and counsels individuals and organizations, helping foster children navigate the challenges they face in placement homes.

Author, Mentor, and Philanthropist: Monica's impact extends beyond the podium. She has authored books and provided training in various fields, including leadership, business management, personal development, employee engagement, spirituality, and mental health. Her commitment to mentorship shines through her non-profit organization: "That Girl is S.M.A.R.T.," "Reclaim You," and the co-founded "That Boy is S. M.A.R.T." with her husband, Todrick.

A Woman of Faith and Courage: Monica Johnson embodies the values of faith, courage, and resilience. Her inspiring journey is a role model for those who aspire to pursue their dreams and passions. She is a positive force in the world, improving lives through her unwavering commitment to empowerment.

Personal Interests: Outside her dynamic career, Monica finds joy in reading, track, and field, and exploring the world through travel. She calls Frisco, TX, home, where she resides with her husband, Todrick, and their two children, Racquel and Tyler.

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