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At That Girl is SMART, our unwavering mission is to empower young girls to lead fulfilling lives by nurturing their minds, bodies, and spirits. We believe in addressing the holistic needs of today's young girls, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to thrive and become influential contributors to their communities.   We have successfully mentored over 1000 girls in our mentoring program since the initial start of the program in 2016.



  1. Academic Empowerment: We aim to provide educational resources, mentorship, and tutoring programs to girls and young women to help them excel in their studies, improve their academic performance, and access higher education opportunities.

  2. Gender Equality and Empowerment: That Girl is Smart seeks to address gender disparities in education and society. We aim to instill confidence and self-esteem in girls and young women, enabling them to pursue their dreams and break down gender barriers.

  3. STEM Education: We are committed to promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education among girls. Our organization will offer STEM workshops, scholarships, and mentorship programs to encourage girls to explore and excel in these fields.

  4. Life Skills and Personal Development: We believe in holistic development. We will provide training in essential life skills such as communication, leadership, and financial literacy, equipping girls with the tools they need to succeed in all aspects of life.

  5. Community Engagement: That Girl is Smart aims to engage with the community to raise awareness about the importance of girls' education and gender equality. We will collaborate with schools, parents, and local organizations to create a supportive ecosystem.

  6. Advocacy and Policy Change: We will advocate for policies and initiatives that promote gender equality in education, including fair access to resources, reduced gender bias in curricula, and improved support for girls facing academic challenges.

Impact we hope to achieve:

  1. Academic Excellence: We aspire to see a significant improvement in the academic performance of girls and young women who benefit from our programs, leading to higher graduation rates and increased enrollment in higher education institutions.

  2. Confidence and Self-Esteem: We hope to empower girls and young women to believe in themselves, overcome societal stereotypes and expectations, and confidently pursue their educational and career aspirations.

  3. Increased STEM Participation: Our efforts should result in a higher representation of girls and young women in STEM fields, contributing to a more diverse and innovative workforce.

  4. Life Skills and Personal Growth: We aim to equip girls with practical life skills and personal development tools that will serve them well throughout their lives, enabling them to thrive in any endeavor they choose.

  5. Community Support: We hope to create a supportive community where girls and young women feel valued and encouraged in their educational journey, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and equal society.

  6. Policy Change: That Girl is Smart (501)(c)3 intends to influence policy changes at the local, state, and national levels, leading to more equitable and inclusive educational systems that benefit all students.

Through these initiatives, That Girl is Smart (501)(c)3) aims to make a lasting impact by supporting and empowering girls and young women, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and educated society where every girl can achieve her full potential.

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